Friday, June 14, 2013

Daddy's letter - Happy 11 Months!

Hi Sweetheart,

It's crazy that in one more month, you're turning 1. There's a saying that "Time flies when you're having fun." This is sooo true because Mommy and Daddy can't get enough of you! I never thought I could get to know someone so well without words. I have gotten to know a lot about you since you were born. Here is a list of the things I know about you:

I know...
who you would like to be held by
who you wouldn't like to be held by
what makes you laugh
what makes you mad
what makes you cry
what makes you sad
what makes you stick your tongue out
when you're tired
when you're hungry
when you're full
when you need a diaper change
when you need to doo doo
when you like to be held
where you are ticklish
the toys you like
the toys you're over
you love bath time
and you love Mommy & Daddy!


Mama's Letter - Happy 11 months!

Dearest little Madison,

Happy 11 Months my cutie pie!! I have to be honest with you. Mama is in denial and not ready for you to turn ONE! Maybe because turning One means you are officially crossing that line from infant to toddlerhood.  Gone are the newborn days when you would lay still for mama to change your diaper because you are now an active little ball of energy!! You have grown so much since your half-birthday and I know as much as I will miss this infant stage, you will continue to blossom into the amazing little girl mama and dada already see you becoming.

It has been a joy seeing you develop your own little personality.. so who is Madison at 11 months? what do you enjoy? what do you dislike?

Maddie, when you wake up in the mornings next to Mama, you immediately have a grin on your face and start to roll and tumble and lay on Mama.  You don't make too much noise as if knowing Mama needs those few extra minutes of rest.  Sometimes you get close to Mama's face and laugh and it brings a big smile to Mama's face and I know it's time to wake up.  Those precious moments in the morning gives Mama energy to tackle the day and while it always breaks my heart a little that I have to be separated from you while I'm at work.. I think about when we are reunited at home again and that big grin that spreads across your face when you see Mama come home from work and reach out your arms to me.  It melts my heart to know that you see me with such joy and happiness every day.

Not only are you crawling, tumbling, standing and even climbing on things.. you are also a talking machine!! We're not sure what you're saying just yet.. but you definitely inherited mama's talkative gene.. You also LOVE watching videos of yourself, especially your favorite video that we play over and over again for you.  The minute you see mama's phone, you start to stick your tongue in and out and laugh at the video.

When you are at the nanny's, you love playing with Brandon and Issac and when Grandma Alice picks you up, you get to go to Great-Aunt Nina's house and play with cousins Jamie and Jodie.  You are one lucky girl! On Tuesdays, you spend all day with Grandma Susan and it is also one of Mama's favorite days because I get to see you during lunchtime!

Madison, you make Mama and Dada so happy.  Soon you'll be taking your first steps, saying your first words, walking, running.. but until then, Mama's going to enjoy your last month as an infant while I can still keep up with you.  I love you baby girl.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Madison's Favorite Video

I've fallen off the blogging wagon for some time now.. there have been so many events to share and too little time to blog.. This Friday, June 14, my bouncing, active, babbling, energizer bunny baby girl turns 11 months.  I can't believe how fast time flew by and quite in denial that she is turning ONE in a little over a month.

I'd like to share Madison's Favorite Video :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

First Urgent Care Visit

For the past couple days, Madison has woken up in the morning with mucus-y eyes and today it has gotten a bit worse.  Grandma Alice has also been coughing.. although she claims it is "allergies", so there was a possibility Maddie had a little cold as well.  Since we are planning to go to Vegas over Memorial Day weekend, we wanted to make sure it wasn't anything serious so we decided to take Maddie to the Urgent Care down the street from our house.  

Going to "Urgent Care" sounds a lot worse than it is, but the main function of the facility is to provide easy access to medical care when you need it right away without having to go through the hassle of making an appointment at the doctor's office.  We had a very pleasant experience and extremely thankful they are so close by which gives us a peace of mind if we ever run into something a little more serious and need medical attention.  

The pediatrician treating Maddie was very patient and kind and turns out she had a little cold and mild pink eye.  She prescribed us Vigamox eye drops ( and advised us to be diligent in washing hands, sanitizing, and keeping bacteria and germs away.  

This was a great lesson for us because we were very paranoid when she was a newborn about germs and constant sanitizing, but somewhere between working, feeding and daily grind of life.. we started slacking in cleaning and sanitizing.  Especially now with a mobile crawling baby who likes to put everything in her mouth... it's time to break out the lysol and hand sanitizers..

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Someone just started crawlinggggg.. ahhh!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

sick baby + sick mama

the past week has been one of the craziest weeks since becoming a mommy! Sick baby + Sick mama = no bueno!!!

Not only did I have to use 4 sick days that I could have used to spend with Madison while we are both well, but seeing my poor little girl sick and being sick myself broke my heart. :(

but... we were NINJAS.. and made the best of our time at home together!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy 6 Months Madison!

Dear Madison,

Today you reached yet another milestone.. your half-year birthday!! I am so excited to see what you are going to do next.. sit up, crawl, say your first word.. But with every milestone, I am reminded how fast time is passing and how it feels like just yesterday when mommy and daddy arrived at the hospital excited to finally meet you for the first time.

Happy Six Months my happy beautiful baby girl!